Learn the Science of Immunisation

Changing the world through the next generation of scientists.

Omega was designed with the simple idea: ‘Can we inspire the next generation of scientists to create the next vaccine which will immunise millions against a new deadly, infectious disease?’

Omega is a 10 lesson program developed to comply with the Australian Biological Science Curriculum requirements. The resource is available as a free digital learning resource.

Omega is a remarkable journey into the science of infectious diseases, epidemics and immunisation. 

  • Learn the science of what infectious diseases do and how vaccines work
  • Explore the history and social impacts of infectious disease and vaccines
  • Use mathematics and apply critical thinking to prevent disease outbreaks

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Omega is a resource of ten lessons for school students to learn the science of immunisation and the relevance of vaccinations.


Hi, I’m Professor Robert Booy

Meet your presenter, guide, interviewer and real life research expert, Professor Robert Booy. 

Professor Robert Booy is a Senior Professorial Fellow at the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS) in Australia where he has worked since March 2005.

He is a medical graduate of the University of Queensland (1984) and trained in Paediatrics at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Brisbane.

He held a range of positions in the UK between 1999 to 2005 including Professor of Child Health with the University of London, Lecturer in Paediatric Infectious Diseases at St Mary’s Hospital London, and Research Fellow with the University of Oxford.